Pine Project

This documentation consists of details of the PINE project and a tutorial for the PINE Farming game. The whitepaper is subject to change as we progress with our plans.

PINE Token is based on the following use cases:

  • Investment tool for the masses

  • PINE Farming game

  • Crypto Social platform (under development)

  • NFTs Marketplace (future plan)

Investment tool for the masses

Cryptocurrency markets are highly volatile and over a certain period of time, the prices can move up or down sharply which makes it ineligible to trade for the faint-hearted.

Investing in cryptocurrencies results in huge losses for new and old investors alike. Long-term investors and traders subsequently lose during market volatility. Such investors and traders need a solution that saves them from this pain.

PINE Farming Game

The latest DApp for the PINE community to create utility for the PINE token in order to allow the users to make their own customized farms and to trade assets along with it.

Our aims

With PINE tokens, our aim is to enable investors and traders to earn huge profits in the long run by investing in one single coin rather than in multiple cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Pine uses the Binance Smart Chain protocol for peer-to-peer transactions. All PINE transactions will be recorded to the Binance Smart Chain to ensure immutability and transparency.

Fundamentals: Dive a little deeper

Money raised through the sale of PINE tokens will be invested in cryptocurrencies, ICOs, Farming, Pooling, Staking, and NFTs. Funds will be utilized for increasing liquidity, token buybacks, marketing expenses, and listing on various exchanges.

Our team has 8 years of cryptocurrencies, 3 decades of equities research and investment experience enabling us to make strategic investments and work for exceptional gains.

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