PINE Farming

Pine Farming is a DApp created to provide the PINE token with a utility and to add value to it.

Concept of Farming

Considering the PINE token's logo is the image of a pine tree, our team decided to bring up ideas, focusing on a DApp that included trees. Hence the idea of pine farming was derived where the players would be allowed to trade their assets with each other at competitive rates.

Aim of the Game

Following is the main screen of the game where the player is introduced to all the options to perform in the DApp after he logs in via Metamask:

  1. Shows the address that you are connected with.

  2. Depicts a farm slider where the player is provided with indexes 1 - 10 where he can purchase and allocate a farm to that index. A player can buy a maximum of 10 Pine farms.

  3. The first thing a player needs to do is purchase a Pine farm to enjoy the full functioning of the game. He can either purchase a farm from the store at standard rates (expected to change with the PINE rate) or purchase directly from people who make offers in the community market.

  4. Shows the balance or the amount of PINE owned in the selected address.

  5. This is the dashboard of all the assets other than the farms that a player can own and trade (excluding the trees) in the game.

  6. Extract Tree rewards players with 0 to 5 cones and 0 to 5 saps randomly and adds them to the inventory. Make Nut allows a player to form a nut at the cost of one cone and one sap. Store and Market buttons may be used to reach their corresponding pages in the game.

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